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Biofume works closely in the areas of food security and trade facilitation.  In a world with increasing connectivity and international movement of pest organisms, biosecurity agencies and exporters require modern treatment methods to maintain food security and to facilitate trade.

Biofume can provide opportunities to clients who may wish to use innovative low toxicity/zero toxicity biosecurity treatments that free up trade and shorten supply chains, such as ethyl formate and nitrogen fumigations, heat treatment or developing Sea Container Hygiene Systems.

Our Team has been involved in the development of ethyl formate and nitrogen technology and will work with you to develop the best fumigation solution for your precious export/import produce.  With the phasing out of methyl bromide and the desire to use environmentally friendly products, ethyl formate and nitrogen fumigation offers many advantages.  Being a food grade chemical, ethyl formate is generally regarded as safe (Food and Drug Administration, US) and nitrogen makes up approximately 80% of the air we breathe.  So utilising the synergy between these two products makes good sense.

Biovapor is a mobile heat treatment methodology which uses only temperature and humidity controlled air to kill pests. No chemicals, no residues and no with-holding periods. 

Biofume can set up your Sea Container Hygiene Systems to improve efficiencies of your Supply Chain Management between ports.  Our Team's experience in Sea Container Hygiene Systems extends to the original development of the methodology by the New Zealand Government.